11th Hour - the first AK single!
Katriina - vocals
Johnny A. - guitar
Santtu Kujala - bass
Joachim Silberstein - drums
Suvi "Lady of the Keys" Salo - keyboards


"Aurora K is possibly the type of band of Hard Rock that can take a topic and turn it into a Hit." - Metal Kingdom (Chile)

"Having listened to the songs I can only wonder how long this kind of band can be kept as a secret. This band has potential to almost anything..." - Let's Make Some Noise (Finland)

"but counting on what I had heard it's an album that Hard Rock fans will like..." - Metal-Guide (Greece)

  • 2 songs: 11th Hour, The Hopeless + 11th Hour video!

    Full versions:

    11th Hour - 4,0 Mb
    The Hopeless - 3,9 Mb


    11th Hour - 672 kb
    The Hopeless - 584 kb