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December 11, 2021

Welcome to the brand new Aurora K website!

Time sure flies!
We all missed Aurora K's 20th anniversary in 2019, so sad...
Maybe time to activate again to make sure there's something to celebrate when the 25th anniversary comes along.

Let's continue The Journey!

Johnny aka Jussi
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Youtube channel will have some action soon, too.

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June 13, 2022

Intermission coming...

Like already mentioned (month ago in FB) the Aurora K headquarters building is up for a demolition - after 15 years of constant rumours. Businesses and bands operating in the building pleaded for a postponement and only a week ago it seemed that by paying more rent due to the increase in expenses (heating, electrity) the demolition would not start before Summer 2023 but now it's certain that the deadline really is Oct. 31st 2022. It's a drag and a relief. Only because of the c-hysteria and the opportunity of renting the studio premises I didn't pack and leave already in 2020 to look for a better and fully-owned place.

Naturally, my plan for this year is in ruins. Currently, I'm packing, selling stuff and organising things for the future. I try to stay musically active in the background until the very end but it's hard to concentrate with the time constraint and a mountain of tasks. Actually, I may even move out well before the deadline.

How long the upcoming intermission will be, I have no idea. I only know that first I want do what I was planning to do in 2020 before the madness started.
Adventure calling!

February 14, 2022

Rocking gym

This is ridiculous, 52 m2 more space!

Studio's neighbor moved out and I rented also his place. The guys who originally built this studio didn't make it 100 % soundproof, so I didn't want to take the risk of getting a noisy new neighbor. There's no point investing in the place to make it fully soundproof because I'm only renting (initially almost bought it) and the whole building is heading for a demolition at some point. Mostly quiet anyway. I've been renting a smaller practice place in the same building since 2007.

Anyway, I'm so happy. Now I have a private gym! I can get from the studio's control room to the gym in 5 seconds! (Shower in the studio's premises.) Bad people have been closing down my favorite gym downtown Helsinki too many times. Try closing down this one, @ssholes!


January 2, 2022

Happy New Year everybody!

December 30, 2021

Feeling midnight blue?

My old faithful 'Midnight Blue' ie. Fender Heartfield Talon II ("Superstrat" / "The Vinnie Moore model"). I had the old worn out frets replaced a few years ago. While waiting to get the job done I bought another Talon IV from the Ebay, a 'Montego Black' with different pick ups and tremolo, probably a prototype of some sort from Japan where Heartfields were manufactured at the Ibanez's Fujigen Gakki factory only between 1989 and 1993 or so. The 'Midnight Blue' I bought as new in the USA in 1992/93 while studying there. Basically, I only play the blue one.


The fret change project was a nightmare. The first "artisan" screwed things up 2 times after which I said no more tries and took it to another gtr shop to get it done properly. In the other shop the guitar wizard wanted to put regular frets instead of the original jumbo size ones. Hesitantly, I agreed. I believe the guitar lost a tiny fraction of its soul (harmonics or something) with the narrower frets. Also playing wise there is a (big) difference. Next time, the jumbos will be back, I think. Overall, it's an old guitar with a slight neck problem but still sounds great and is so dear. I have written so many songs with it. I don't have the heart to switch to my other Talon or buy a totally new guitar. The fret change project cost me as much as I paid for the black Talon. By the way, I hate guitar collectors! :)

Would you like to hear this baby sing again?

December 11, 2021

Early Xmas!

The King approves this shipment - but, frowns 'is that all you got'. The previous tenant of the studio left the pic. It would probably bring bad luck if I removed it, so it stays. You just don't mess with The King!

Tama baby!
I'm becoming a drum junkie. My third drum set - and, I'm not even a drummer! I had been thinking about buying a modern drum set for 10+ years but always postponed it for what ever pseudo-reason. Finally done.
Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 22", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16" + 14" snare.
And, 10" Tama steel snare to add some groove.


December 11, 2021

Sorry for the low profile during the past 15 years or so.
You can try to plan the future but...

Cool stuff coming up in 2022 - maybe. I'm trying to make the things happen that I have in my mind. Please, have some patience still. Meanwhile, I will keep Aurora K more visible than in the past.

Earlier this year, I was ready to announce that the new Aurora K headquaters is ready and rocking. But, just before I got to do that there was a fire and two days later a flood in the building! 50 m2 of carpeting needed to be replaced and other renovation fun. I don't know if the two were connected or not but the flood was caused by a water pump failure and the fire by a neighbor who was "growing some" (in fact more than just some) but obviously didn't know his business too well. The police also thought it was time to close his factory... :)

The control room back wall torn open and the bass traps evacuated to dry the floor.

control room back wall

Funnily, our part of the building was evacuated because of the fire but I didn't hear or notice anything as I was playing in the dungeon and had smelled no smoke. Only as I entered the main garage hall with a cup of coffee for a break I noticed several policemen and firemen and asked 'What's happening?' They were, 'Who hell are you and where did you pop out!' Luckily, no instruments were damaged.

Stay tuned!





None scheduled.


1999: The first rehearsals of the original trio (October).
2000: First gig (March), the first demo is released, 'Rosalie' #1 on the Metal Chart, letter "K" is added to the band's name. 11 gigs.
2001: 32 gigs.
2002: Release of the first official single '11th Hour' (B-side 'The Hopeless'). 32 gigs.
2003: 36 gigs (out of which 35 as a duo).
2004: Katriina to Stratovarius. Aurora K feat. Tea on vocals. 23 gigs (duo).
2005: New vocalist, Riina. 28 gigs (duo).
2006: 10 gigs (duo).
2007-2021: No visible activity.
2022: Back in business!

To be continued...


Please, contact via Facebook.



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